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Vaporizer Accessories

Personal Vaporizers Accessories

Aromatherapy herbal blends have been used for decades to relieve common ailments, as well as reduce stress. With vaporizer devices being small enough to fit into a pocket, vaporization is now an acceptable alternative, to inhale your favorite aromatherapy blends with significant decrease in the combustion of the herb, and thus the toxic-by-products, caused by combustion of the material when burned. Commonly used in aromatherapy: Damiana (calming effects), Green Tea, Chamomile (for stress and digestion), Peppermint, Lavender (for relaxation), etc. There are many other aromatherapy blends, available in various forms (herbs, concentrates or oils), that can be used in aromatherapy for different purposes and effects. Please consult your physician and aromatherapy specialist for detailed information and uses of aromatherapy.

Personal Vaporizers may be used as aromatherapy device, in conjunction with aromatherapy substances (sold separately).
Disclaimer: While personal vaporizers may be used as an aromatherapy device, there are no guarantees whatsoever that one will actually prevent, cure, or treat any disease or illness. Consult your doctor before trying aromatherapy.

WARNING: Must be 18+ to purchase! For legal use only!
Accessory only! NO Tobacco and NO Nicotine included!

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