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Digital Scale with Electronic Lighter (1000g x 0.1g)

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Quick Overview

Rechargeable Battery and Lighter (6 weighing modes)


Features and Specifications:
  • Capacity: 35.27oz / 1000g / 32.15ozt / 5000ct / 643dwt / 15432gn.
  • Division/Steps: 0.01oz / 0.1g / 0.01ozt /0.5ct / 0.1dwt / 2gn.
  • Units: OZ, G, OZT, CT, DWT, GN.
  • Tare and Calibration Features.
  • 5 Digit LCD Display with Backlight.
  • 3.7" Stainless Steel Tray (main tray/platform).
  • 5" Plastic Expansion Tray (the lid/cover).
  • Overload/Low Power Notifications.
  • Powered with Rechargeable USB Battery!
  • Auto Power Off (extends battery life).

  • Scale size: 3.7" × 3.7" × 0.8" (9.5cm × 9.5cm × 20.7cm)
  • Tray size: 2.76" × 2.76" (7cm × 7cm)
  • Expansion tray size: 3.75" × 3.75" × 0.3" (9.5cm × 9.5cm × 0.8cm)
  • Scale Net Weight: 5.1oz (145g)

The DW-1000BZL is a great, compact, portable and very easy to use scale that can be used for weighing jewelry, gold, silver, coins or any other items up to 1000g (35.27oz). Also, it features USB rechargeable battery with electric lighter.

  • Stylish design: White with Crystal Clear cover.
  • Plastic cover protects the scale when it is not in use and can be used as an expansion tray.
  • Stainless steel weighing tray.
  • Foldable, display with back-light!
  • Auto power-off feature saves battery life for long lasting use!
  • Tare function witch allow you to weigh items inside a container.
  • Unique Calibration feature for the most accurate results!
    - Calibration is not required, scale shipped precalibrated and ready for use.
    - Calibration weight not included (do not calibrate without required weight).

Six (6!) different weighing modes!
Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Pennyweight (dwt), Troy Ounces (ozt), Carats (ct), Grains (gn).

1000 Grams capacity by 0.1g increments
35.27 Ounces capacity by 0.01oz increments
643.0 Pennyweight capacity by 0.1dwt increments
32.15 Troy Ounces capacity by 0.01ozt increments
5000.0 Carats capacity by 0.5ct increments
15432 Grains capacity by 2gn increments


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. The battery is in, but the scale won't power up.
Make sure to switch the battery to the USB position, after inserting it to the scale (if the scale still don't power on, try to recharge the battery).

Q. Does the scale require calibration before use?
A. The scale comes pre-calibrated from the factory. Nevertheless, there may be some insignificant fluctuation, due to slight gravity differences across the globe. So for best results you may want to calibrate the scale once you receive it. Or, you can leave us a note during checkout so we will re-calibrate it before shipping it to you.



Description by the manufacturer:

The DW01000BZL is a unique device that infuses a number of different features. This unit has a built in lighter and scale, giving it the versatility to meet any person’s daily demands. A USB rechargeable battery is used to power the scale, but can also be removed in order to function as a lighter for a number of great uses. This pocket scale has a clear display to ensure there are no misinterpretations on the readings of the scale. The scale can read up to 1000g, making it a great tool for those in the field of medicine or science. It includes the following features:

  • Build-in the lighter
  • USB rechargeable Battery
  • High quality strain gauge load cell system ensures accuracy within the full range of capacity.
  • One of the DW-1000BZL’s best features – it has a hidden/pop-up display.
  • It is very durable - it has a high density ABS housing and sturdy metal supports.
  • Easy to read high contrast LCD with retractable display contributes to the overall streamlined look of this scale.
  • Crystal clear cover can act as a tray.

The DW-1000BZL has a 1000 gram capacity, so it is large enough for dietary use and scientific field work. This is a great all around pocket scale that is attractively priced, as well!


Scale Size: 3.5" (D) x 3.5" (W) x 0.75" (H)
Weighing Modes: g/oz/dwt/ozt/ct/gn
Capacity: 1000g
Accuracy: 0.1 gram
Platform Size: 2.75" x 2.75"
Platform Material: Stainess steel
LCD Size: 0.9" in diameter

USB Rechargeable Battery

Operators Manual:


Additional Information

Model 1000g by 0.1g
UPC 852027004192
Condition New
Main Color White
Size No
Quantity / Packaging No
Brand DigiWeigh
Country of Manufacture
Weight Capacity N/A
Weight Readability (Accuracy) N/A
Weighing Units N/A
Platform Size N/A
Calibration Weight N/A
Power Source N/A

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