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Potential Saving from Making Your Own Cigarettes

Potential savings from making your own cigaretts are huge! Practically, as low as $1/pack, or even lower, depending on the tobacco and supplies costs in your area, and your personal smoking habbit.

Tobacco and Supplies costs:

  1. Tobacco would cost around $6 to $9 for 6oz of pipe1 tobacco.
    When you buy more, it is cheaper, for example 1lb bag may cost as low as $15.
  2. Tubes with a filter cost around $2 to $3 for 200-250 regular sized (80mm) empty tubes.
    Cigarette rolling paper is even cheaper, priced around $1 for 100-200 leafs.
  3. Cigarette making machines price significantly vary, from less than 10$ to more than $100!
    It depends on the machine's type and its quality, browse our inventory for various Cigarette Machines.

Read about the difference between cigarette injecting and cigarette rolling machines.


Some math and potential savings:

Even if you buy the 6oz tobacco bag for $9 (which enough for about 200 cigarettes2) and the 200 tubes for $3, this will be only $12 for a 200 cigarette box!
Where else a box of 200 cigarettes can be bought for only $12?! That is only $1.20 a pack!

This example is for the highly priced tobacco and tubes! If you manage to find fair supplier, you can easily go below $1/pack!
Buy in bulk, e.g. 1lb tobacco bags and save even more! 3 bags of 6oz would cost about $27, while 1lb bag would cost only about $15!
If you go with the rolling machine, the rolling paper will be even cheaper than the tubes! $1 for 100-200 paper leafs!

It is obvious that the savings potential is huge! The money saved from your very first self-made 200 cigarettes box, would easily cover desent cigarette machine and supplies costs!

Read what else do you need to start making your own cigarettes.


1 In general dry pipe tobacco can be used with most cigarette making machines. Pipe tobacco is cheaper than cigarette tobacco, the main difference is that cigarette tobacco is fine-cut, compared to pipe tobacco.
2 Of course it depends on the density you inject your cigarettes and tube's length, but in general 6oz bag of tobacco should fill about 200 king-size (regular/80mm) cigarette tubes. You can also use the 100mm tubes, but then you would need a 8oz bag of tobacco to make the 200 cigarette box (again, it depends on the injecting density).