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So what do I need to make my own cigarettes?

In order to make your own cigarettes you need:

  1. Dry tobacco
  2. Empty cigarette tubes for injecting or cigarette paper leafs for rolling
  3. Cigarette injector machine or cigarette roller machine.

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Dry tobacco and empty, filtered cigarette tubes, cigarette paper leafs and filters for cigarette rolling are sold in most of the local tobacco and/or grocery stores.


When you make your own cigarettes not only you save a lot, but you also know what exactly are you smoking!
Don't smoke these dangerous chemicals that cigarette manufacturers apply to their cigarettes to keep you addicted!
There is a huge choice of tobacco brands with variety of flavors: Full Flavor, Light, Menthol, Cherry and much more!
So you may be sure that you will find whatever you like. Those who prefer long cigarettes, can go with the 100mm.

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