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The Difference between Cigarette Injector and Cigarette Roller Machines

The main difference between cigarette rolling and cigarette injecting machines is how the tobacco is "processed," by injecting into a tube, or by rolling into a paper leaf.

Cigarette injection machines inject the tobacco into an empty cigarette tube.

Mechanical, non-electronic, cigarette machines compress the tobacco inside the tobacco hopper of the machine, and then the compressed tobacco injected into the tube.

A typical electronic machine, with a spring, injects the tobacco from the hopper into the tube by "feeding" the tube with tobacco and pushing it, until it is full and falls from the nozzle (these electronic machines work only with filtered tubes).

Generally, injector machines make professionally looking and evenly packed cigarettes, while rolling machines are quite messy and produce less professional results.

Cigarette rolling machines roll cigarettes from a cigarette paper leaf and tobacco (filters can be added optionally).

Common cigarette roller machines have two rolls. The tobacco and the cigarette paper leaf are placed between the two rolls (optionally, some of the tobacco may be replaced with a filter tip). By closing and rotating the rolls the tobacco and the cigarette paper leaf are rolled together into a ready to smoke cigarette (with or without a filter).

Another type of rolling machine do the rolling for you. It usually looks like a metal case/box. Tobacco and a cigarette paper leaf are placed into the machine (again, some of the tobacco may be replaced with a filter tip) and while the case is closed the tobacco and the rolling paper rolled together throughout a special opening on the top of the cigarette roller case/box into a ready to smoke cigarette (with or without a filter).

* Cigarette filter tips are optional and sold separately in many tobacco stores.

Despite that cigarette rolling machines take more time to roll and generally are more messy and produce not very professional results, it is highly recommended to have one or two machines (of different sizes), because some tobacco brands include free cigarette rolling papers as a gift with their tobacco.

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To sum up:

The cigarette injection machines are very fast and make professionally looking cigarettes, quite similar to the cigarettes sold in the stores. Usually those machines are bulky and need a hard surface to operate normally. There are some small, hand held, easy portable cigarette injection machines, however, the cigarette tubes are easily crumpled. So it kind of challenging to inject cigarettes on the go. Therefore, cigarette injection machines are the best choice for making cigarettes in advance, quickly and professionally! It takes only about 10 minutes to inject a pack of 20 cigarettes.

On the other hand, the rolling machines are compact and portable. Just throw into the compact, "case/box type," rolling machine some tobacco and cigarette papers and roll the cigarettes on-th-go, whenever you need to smoke. One cigarette rolls in less than a minute!

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