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Bicycle/Bike Tire Repair Kit

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Emergency set includes the necessary tools to fix flat bicycle tire*


Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

The Kit Includes:
Five (5) Patches of several sizes and shapes.
Two (2) Curved Lever tools.
One (1) Rasp tool (sanding tool).
Two (2) Rubber tubes (for fixing non-US valves).


Instructions: "How to fix punctured/flat bike tire"

  1. Remove the tire from the bike, by removing the nuts.
  2. Take out the flatted tube from the tire, using the flat edges of Curved Lever Tools (be very careful not to damage the tube inside).
  3. Once the tube is out, use a bicycle pump to fill the tube until it is firm. Then, look for the leak in the tube, using a bucket of water. Watch for air bubbles while holding the inflated tube underwater. There may be more than one leak, so check the entire tube. After locating the leak(s), remove the tube from the water, wipe it dry, mark the punctured spot(s) with a chalk, and deflate air from the tube.
  4. Scrape the damaged area of the tube with the Rasp tool (sanding tool), to clean and roughen the surface for the patch. Rough surface would ensure strong bond to the patch. The area should be about the same or slightly larger than the patch that you about to apply.
  5. Apply some adhesive, to the scraped area of the tube. Let it stand for 3-5 minutes, until almost dry.
  6. Select a patch of appropriate size, remove the protective foil from the back and place the patch over the adhesive. Press firmly to bond the patch in place. Make sure all edges of the patch are completely sealed. Let the patch dry for another 20 minutes.
  7. Check the whole tire once again (as described in step 3), to make sure the puncture(s) was/were securely sealed and no air is escaping.
  8. Finally, carefully place the tube back to the tire and inflate it. Install the tire back on the bike.

* Additional tools may be required, such as air pump and wrench.
PLEASE NOTE: The additional tools are NOT included with the kit.

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